The flagship venture of the Hemed Friends Association is the "Transition Program"—a unique innovative initiative that provides a comprehensive solution to the phenomenon of students dropping out of the Hemed system at critical transitional points.


The Public Religious Education Dropout Crisis


Over the past few years, the Hemed system has been losing students who choose to transfer to other educational institutions. The Ministry of Education found that high rates of student-dropout occurs most at critical transitional points when students move between institutions. Every year, in the transition between kindergarten and elementary school (Kindergarten to 1st grade) and elementary school to middle school (6th grade to 7th grade), 15%-25% of students leave the public religious framework.

Hemed Friends Association created a follow-up investigation which presented startling results: between the years 2013-2016, 21% of the students dropped out of the Hemed system, choosing other schools instead. This translates into tens-of-thousands of students whose departure from the Hemed system affects Israeli society as a whole.


   Every year 6,000 students drop out of Hemed while transitioning between schools.

In the years 2012-2016, a total of 24,654 students dropped out of the Hemed system while transitioning between schools, totaling 21% of Hemed's transitioning student body.



   Thanks to the "Transition Program" there has been a 47% increase in enrolled students in schools that participated in the program.


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