Branding, Advertising, and Public Relations

The Hemed Friends Association promotes the unanimous branding of the Hemed schools and provides schools with a complete branding package to encourage their solidarity with Hemed and to promote cooperation between the Hemed institutions.


"Hemed Shel Torah"

As part of "Hemed Week," we are privileged every year to gather all children of more than 500 schools to celebrate the end of the reading of the entire Torah. Hemed Shel Torah takes place on the first day of "Hemed Week" and is a day filled with excitement and discussion of meaningful content.


Events and Conferences for Educational Leaders and Students

Each year Hemed Friends Association produces events in collaboration with hundreds of schools in Israel and with Jewish schools in the Diaspora, reaching more than 100,000 students from over 500 schools.


The "Maof" Program for the Empowerment of Educational Staff

The Hemed Friends Association addresses the importance of teacher training and improvement of status of teachers, in Hemed in particular and public education in general. It promotes professionalism and dedication among teachers in order to improve their sense of commitment to students' social and moral development and academic achievements—components essential for educational success and empowerment of generations of the future.


Digital Hemed

Hemed Friends Association works to increase access to its services and to better maintain school networks and teaching materials on digital platforms. For this purpose, this unique program created the Hemed application. More than 50 schools and approximately 15,000 students currently use the app.


Awareness Campaigns

To improve the educators' work while connecting them to their inner spiritual world, Hemed Friends Association spearheaded Awareness Campaigns which have been revolutionary in empowering the Hemed teaching staff to improve their schools.


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