Hemed constitutes 25% of the public education system in Israel. Over one million people—parents, siblings, and alumni—in Israel and around the world engage with Hemed at any given moment and are exposed to its activities and ideology. In many ways, Hemed is a vanguard in the dialogues between different group within Israeli society and in bringing Jews together (kiruv levavot) thanks to its approach which emphasizes connections between the sacred and the profane, religion and modernity, and its balance of commitment to tradition with open-mindedness. Parallel to its concern for educational and moral excellence, Hemed affects the whole community: within the education system, with the special bond it has with parents, and outside of the education system, with the broad activity it does on behalf of the community.


Hemed's Vision


"The Public Religious Education (Hemed) Department of the Ministry of Education and all of its leaders, educators, principals, inspectors, and board members are committed to the education of the children of Israel to lovingly live a life of piety, Torah, and mitzvot.

We are working to get closer and to bring students closer to our Heavenly Father—with deep faith and a balanced and established worldview; with a commitment to education as a mission for Klal Yisrael; with the aim of being a partner in the creation of an exemplary society; and with commitment to the Torah and Jewish law."


P.O. Box 3 Mivtzah Kadesh 68, Bnei Brak 5120080 ISRAEL